Welcome to -- the online community and resource specifically by and for parents of dancers. contains articles on dance, parenting and related subjects, but you're likely to find the most meaningful content on the Dance Mom Discussion Board, where dance parents share their experiences, questions, answers, frustrations, achievements, and the full range of emotions that dance moms and dance dads encounter.

Whether you are interested in chatting about dance competitions, where to buy dancewear and gifts, how to find a good dance studio, or just looking for a little moral support on any issue related to raising a child who dances, you've come to the right place.

A unique characteristic of is the collegial relationship our members share. This is a site that welcomes and encourages discussion and even debate, but always in a positive and constructive manner.

In simple terms, you make what it is -- the Internet's most popular community of dance parents.

So please take a look around the site, explore the dance resource pages, stop by our message boards and share your thoughts with other dance parents, and feel free to drop us a note to let us know what you think.

By the way, this site is not affiliated with the Dance Moms television program on Lifetime.

Welcome, and enjoy!

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