Discussion Board Policies and Standards


  • Registration, including confirmation of a valid email address, is required in order to post messages on the discussion board.

  • Any personal information (with the exception of your email address) that you provide during the registration process may be viewed by other registered members.  This information is optional, so only provide what you want others to see and know.  If you have already entered information and wish to edit or remove it, you may click on the control panel option after logging in to make edits.

  • While the discussion board is designed primarily with parents of dancers in mind, registration and participation are open to all interested parties.


  • The discussion board is a public forum that may be viewed by anyone with Internet access.

  • The "Members Only" forum simply restricts access to threads in that forum to registered members of, but it is by no means a private or secure area.

  • The Internet is permanent. makes no representation that anything posted on our discussion board can or will be removed.  Choosing to close your account does not remove your posts, so be careful what you say and be careful what you post, because your words and images will live on in cyberspace forever.

  • The discussion board is a positive forum.  Profanity and offensive or threatening posts will not be tolerated, and may result in banning of individual members or blocking of I.P. addresses.

  • The discussion board is a non-commercial forum.  Posts that appear commercial in nature (whether posted by businesses or individuals) will be removed, and their author subject to banning / I.P. blocking.  Persons interested in advertising on may request rates by clicking the advertising link at the bottom of this page and most pages on the site.  Advertisers are free to promote their products and services in the "Advertiser Promotions" forum only.

  • If you become aware of a post that you believe is inappropriate, threatening, obscene, profane or otherwise inconsistent with the policies and standards of, please report it immediately.

  • The views and opinions expressed on the discussion board are solely those of the individual participants and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the site managers.

  • The discussion board is hosted through a service called Websitetoolbox. The Websitetoolbox privacy policies may be viewed at

  • has absolutely no affiliation with the television program of a similar name.  They're "reality."  We're real.


  • The Internet can be a treacherous place, but our hope is that will be a safe haven -- an island of calm in the storm.  Be careful.  Be real.  Be supportive.  Be gentle.

Thank you for your kind adherence to these policies.

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