Introducing Full Access Membership

For nearly 10 years, has existed as a free service to dance parents.  Today, it remain exactly that.  Any dance parent anywhere can enjoy of our site absolutely free of charge.

As our community has grown and evolved you've asked for more and we've given you more -- more forums, more features, more functionality.

Our Public forums are important for introducing the site to new members, so we'll always offer an assortment of those.

Our Member Only forums gives you a place to discuss dance issues one step removed from the browsing public (basic membership requires email verification), but there's nothing particularly private about it.

You asked us to do more to discourage the "lurkers and trolls" that can infect online communities, and you also asked for new functionality and forums so has assembled such a package as an optional add-on level of membership.

Here's what we did:
  • Let's start with the obvious.  The expanded Full Access membership package requires a fee ($1 per month billed annually).  It's a modest fee that we think will pose a deterrent to many would-be lurkers while keeping the cost accessible to genuine dance parents interested in the added features.

  • We moved all member profiles out of site from anyone other than paid members.

  • We gave you the ability to manage more aspects of your own profile, including the ability to change your user name, and add a personalized signature line.

  • We introduced photo albums so you can share your favorite dance pictures with other members.

  • We added several other new features -- some that you specifically requested and others just for fun:

    • A member-to-member classified ad forum.

    • A dance competition rating and review forum.

    • The ability to post polls as part of your discussion.

    • The ability to rate discussion topics.

    • Several new discussion forums in a slightly more private environment.

Are these features right for you or not that important?

Only you can decide that.  If you like as it is you can continue to enjoy it that way at no cost.  And if the added features appeal to you, we welcome you to upgrade.  It's completely optional.

 Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the membership levels.

Click here to subscribe to Full Access membership.

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