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We became dance parents in 1994 when our daughter put on her first pair of ballet slippers.  Inspired by her love of dance and realizing that the only way we might ever spend quality time with her was to hang around the studio more, we became active members in the studio's dance parents organization.  As years passed we honed our dance parenting skills -- rhinestone application; music editing; peanut, lollipop and baked ham sales; website development; and recital volunteers in assorted capacities.  We organized studio performance trips to New York, Orlando and Bermuda, and coordinated the dance company's annual cast party and other social events.  In 2002 we took the ultimate dance parenting plunge, enrolling in an adult tap class.  She continued tapping at higher levels, while he was lucky to survive one recital performance and promptly retired his tap shoes.

Having witnessed years of mama drama and the ugly side of dance competitions, and hoping to leave a positive mark on the larger dance community, we conceived and introduced "The Dance Button Project" -- a program that promoted goodwill among dancers by encouraging them to award "Awesome Dancer" buttons to dancers from other dance studios.  Within two years more than 2,500 "Awesome Dancer" buttons had been handed out one button at a time to dancers across the United States, Canada and Australia.

Finally, recognizing that there were thousands of other dance parents around the country who share many common experiences and challenges, we developed and launched DanceMom.com in 2003 as our contribution to our fellow dance parents everywhere.  It took a week for the first dance mom to even find the site and nearly two months for registration to reach one dozen members, but by 2007 the DanceMom.com community comprised more than 1,000 registered members, and that year alone recorded over two million page views.  Soon, the site would be attracting more than a million page views per month.

DanceMom.com is visited primarily by dance moms, dance teachers, studio owners, a few brave dance dads and occasionally by dancers.  Registration and the majority of the site's features are free of charge, while a paid full access membership level is available to those desiring added privacy features.  The site is advertiser-supported.  The site has no affiliation with and makes no recommendation of any dance studio, dance competition, product or service.  We also have absolutely no affiliation with the Lifetime television "Dance Moms" program.

All views expressed on the DanceMom.com discussion board are those of the individual members making each post and do not represent the views of the site managers.  Discussion board entries authored by the site managers are posted under the user name "DanceMom" and carry the signature line "Official DanceMom.com Administrator."


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